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Toonstruck 2 will be released if you want it bad enough [25 Sep 2010|03:15pm]


Amazing news! Toonstruck 2 can be released! Keith Arem, the game's musical director who now owns the rights to the game, is planning to release the full version of Toonstruck which would include the second part! But since the first game was terribly underrated and commercially unsuccessful, he needs "tremendous fan support" to justify its release and raise funding. There's a petition for the release of TS2, which has already gathered 2626 signatures! I've opened a community toonstruck2, where you can learn more details. Everyone is welcome to join!

Facebook group

Support Toonstruck 2! Let's make our dream true! (some rhyming :))
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Toonstruck Extras [17 Feb 2008|05:11pm]


I finally played this game a few weeks ago and sank into a vast quagmire of irritation upon hearing about all the material that was cut from it.

However, my mood was brightened slightly when I listened to the audio files of the game using Game Audio Player and discovered many sound files that, to my knowledge, are never heard in the game. One of my most ear-opening finds was a collection of messages that are apparently played when you dial certain numbers on the "Touch-Hue" phone, though I have no idea whether these numbers can actually be reached in the game (dialling random colors doesn't yield any results).

I have sort of a hobby of documenting unused material from adventure games, so I decided to put together a page where everyone can hear these (mostly) never-before-heard sounds from Toonstruck. Enjoy!

Toonstruck Extras
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Seeking footage [12 Aug 2007|11:29pm]

I'm looking for a vid of Spike's dialouge with drew, anyone have it?
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